Olga Abdul Life Story

My name is Olga Abdul I am 19 years old, I am doing the twelfth class and I live in Maputo, in the neighborhood of Inhagoia “A”.
My living conditions are normal with some ups and downs, as we have some needs that make everyday life difficult, such as lack of healthy eating.
I live with my mother, my grandmother and my younger brother. My mother is 41 years old, my grandmother is 66 years old and my little brother is 10 years old.
My mother works as a technical assistant at the Ministry of Health and has a monthly income of 3,500MT, and because of this I felt the need to do some things that would generate some income to help the family.
I asked my godmother to teach me how to make cakes and salty, she taught me and I learned very well, so much so that today I place orders for parties and birthdays and all kinds of ceremonies, and with my work I get up to a small income of 10,000 Metical.
The mood in my family is not very good or pleasant, since my grandmother doesn't like me, and I often feel disturbing inside my own family.

Participation of the Beneficiary in the Citizenship Education Project
I started my project partition last year in 2018, in June, I was invited and sensitized at the school where I find myself studying.
I participated in all activities of the Citizen Path project.
These activities were (Thematic workshops, debates, dialogues, sports multiplier activities, dynamic.) And participated two days a week.
I witnessed my participation in December last year (2018).

Life changes at personal and family level.
I can see that participating in the Citizen Path has changed a lot in my life, such as the way I look at things, my life plan and helped broaden my business further with some advice and some conversations.
Today I am about to open a fixed place so that I can expand my sales and not limit myself only in cakes and salty, but in many other products.
I learned to have a keener insight into life in general and the importance of its values.
I have persistent difficulty with things like clothes and food, as my business cannot meet all the needs of the family.
And also the issue of living with my grandmother at home. But I hope with God's help that I can solve all these questions.