Our history

ASSCODECHA – Community Association for Human Development, previously known as the “Community Association for the Development of Chamanculo” – ASSCODECHA, was established in 2001 and has its genesis inspired by the historical name Bairro de Chamanculo.

The creation of ASSCODECHA is the result of the collaboration of the local youth and a group of women from Chamanculo neighborhood, with the aim of solving the issues of the community in general, the health of the child, the health situation of the environment, the social issue, the juvenile delinquency, HIV prostitution, chronic malnutrition, gender-based violence, violation of children’s rights, among others.

This obstacamic constituencies for the operations and development of ASSCODECHA, the actor of the society of Mozambique, aimed at hazard the poverty and to improve the aspects of life of the most vulnerable groups and villas.

Since 2017, it has the status of carrying out activities throughout the national territory that was granted by the Government, in recognition of the work done since its foundation. And defined as intervention sectors the following: Training and Professional Insertion; Education; Cheers; Citizenship and Human Rights; Youth; Sanitation of the environment; Social Entrepreneurship.