Solifo Antonio Muloi, 34, lives in the neighborhood of chamanculo ‘B”, successfully attended the restaurant bar course. Before having a degree, I worked in other areas, but without any certification and training, I only had experience. From there came the idea of ​​applying for the course because according to him he needed to have a course and certificate of that branch.
According to our interviewee always had a dream of having a profession. He participated in the course orientation workshops where he was selected to join the restaurant and bar course, which lasted for months. After training, she did an internship at Hotel Santa Cruz, where she did it with more perfection, dedication and professionalism.
At the end of his internship, he worked part-time at the Radisson Blue Hotel for five days a week. Each working day earned him a value of five hundred meticais, which was paid in each working period. In a period of one month he had an income of 7,000 meticais, but did not feel safe, since he had no employment contract.
He submitted his curriculum to the "Hyteste" Cakes Factory and was admitted. He became part of the company's staff, earning a salary of 5,000 meticals, entitled to food and shift allowance. You are happy because you already have a guaranteed job and have already managed to buy a space in which to build your house.
It appeals to young people to focus on training and to get out of the acts of crime and prostitution that characterize the youth. You now have your home and support your family expenses.
Finishes thanks the support that Asscodecha gave her for the training, as it has opened new horizons in her professional life.
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