HIV / AIDS and Tuberculosis action

As part of the actions of HIV / AIDS and Tuberculosis, Community Health activists from Asscodecha Ong Asscodecha, held community […]

Parliamentary visit

We were honored to welcome the Finnish Parliamentary Delegation to observe the achievements and milestones of the finalized project “SUSTAINABILITY […]

Culinary demonstration

Asscodecha proceeded cooking demonstration in the district of shamanculo D, enriched potatoes of carrot, banana, other foods for the improvement […]

Thematic office

Asscodecha procedeu oficina temática direcionada aos adolescentes do bairro chamanculoo sobre HIV sida e outras práticas nefastas no âmbito do […]

Asscodecha visit

We have been honored to receive the visit of the Ambassador of Finland as part of the partnership we have […]

March for citizenship

We promote march with the intention of developing youthful protagonism. We mobilized adolescents from various schools, aimed at alerting adolescents […]

Citizen education

Asscodecha gave a lecture on education for citizenship to the teenagers of the Urban District of Chamanculo, with the aim […]

Citizen percussion

Introduction to the citizen route. Explanation about what is the course citizen, presentation of adolescents, animators and establishment of rules […]