It is a legal person governed by private law, nationwide, non-profit, non-political, with legal personality, administrative, financial and patrimonial autonomy.

It is a non-governmental, non-governmental Mozambican organization of a civic and humanitarian nature with a vocation to defend the socio-economic and cultural interests of the needy families as well as the promotion of their civil rights and duties in society.

ASSCODECHA acquires two views as a reference: One is a social vision that determines what society wants to be in the future in disadvantaged communities and the organizational vision that proposes what ASSCODECHA is in the future:

Social Vision: "A world without poverty, endowed with a spirit of tolerance and social justice for disadvantaged communities, where different cooperation partners join in promoting the rights and duties of communities as a democratic and participatory exercise";

Organizational Vision: "It proposes an organized and structured association with the gender balance in the social organs and the professionalization of the members of the technical team, through the technical skills recognized in the facilitation of community development, establishing stronger partnerships and intervening in more communities."

ASSCODECHA's mission is to contribute to the promotion of community development through actions aimed at improving the living conditions of disadvantaged communities, favoring the exercise of democracy, local solidarity and the mobilization of private and public resources. "



Promoting community development by improving the living conditions of disadvantaged communities.


In order to carry out the projects and activities, they are kept with several donations from their partners.


ASSCODECHA has its main programs programs that help disadvantaged communities.


The other ASSCODECHA programs are defined according to their objectives outlined in their by laws.