Cremilda Jose’s life stories

Cremilda José, 24 years old, living in the neighborhood of Chamanculo “C”, is an orphan of father and mother, has two children 4 and 2 years old, due to various difficulties in life. At the family level, she had the opportunity to apply for and enter the event management course, with the aim of training and finding a job to meet the difficulties she was facing at that time and to generate income for her family.
He did the training in event management, which lasted three months and was successfully completed.

She was submitted to the internship at Ivone Catering. A company of catering & events, having performed well and at the end of the internship, had a job proposal in which he works until today in the area of ​​catering, sale of meals and salty. In the employer's proposal, she accepted the job immediately. With the salary she earns, she can already afford her children's expenses, even though her father does not assume the children's expenses. You feel that you have gained social and economic independence because you are no longer dependent on others and can meet your expenses and your minor children.

With the improvement of her professional talent, she has a dream of being an entrepreneur in creating a place where she can develop her catering activities. It can provide meals for various clients, companies, institutions and others. However, he says that he wants to buy a space for the construction of his house and live with his children.

For her the course came at the right time because at the time she was having difficulty raising her children. Thanks for the support given by Asscodecha and today you feel that your dreams are coming true, said our beneficiary.