Cremilda Cândido Life Story

Cremilda Cândido, 28, a Curaçao student, resident in the Chamanculo D neighborhood, married and mother of an eight-year-old daughter. She had information about the courses given by Asscodecha, through a family member, who according to our interviewee, portrays her passion for the hairdressing course. According to her husband's guidance and advice, she chose to apply for the sewing course, where she was selected. He participated in the four-month course at the Asscodecha Vocational Training Center.
After training, he did not roll up his sleeves, but continued to look for a place to reconcile what was learned during training through professional practice. He has practiced good practices in terms of molding and cutting for various shapes of shirts, skirts, dresses, among other items that make up the vast activity linked to the fashion world.
Seeing things not stop here, she continued her work by doing homework by offering services to residents of her neighborhood and by hemming her pants, capulanas and skirts.
According to our interviewee she has the dream of setting up an income generating activity by providing services to the users of the neighborhood.
For her the great challenge is to capitalize on the knowledge acquired so that it can be a change for her life and her family, even in this list of questions, she does not stop here and goes beyond with her dream that in a future perspective she intends to reconcile the two areas having a boutique and a beauty salon and hairdresser.
It encourages women to acquire knowledge through vocational training, which is the only way that women will contribute to their livelihoods and to the improvement of their family life.
Asscodecha serves as a bridge and springboard for the realization of dreams for women entrepreneurs through tertiary courses that generally contribute favorably to the community, thereby enhancing the economic fabric of the neighborhood.