Amelia Regina Naite’s Life Story

Amelia Regina Naite, 23 years old, resident in the neighborhood of chamanculo “C”, lives maritally and is the mother of a 6 year old daughter. Had the opportunity to compete and be selected for the restaurant bar course, attended the course at the Pro-family training center for 3 months.

In our interview, our beneficiary tells us about her life before the course, where it was difficult to achieve what she wanted because she only depended on her parents to pay for her expenses. He didn't feel comfortable being dependent on others, it was a difficult situation for his life.

After the training, he had the consolidation of his knowledge, in the internship done at Hotel Santa Cruz. Where he stayed for four months. At the end of the internship, she didn't sit idly by, she took part in the job orientation workshops spreading her curriculum vitae in all restaurants and hotels. Still looking for a job she was asked for a job interview at the Medieval restaurant where she was admitted for employment in the restaurant bar area.

Nowadays, she tells us that she is happy with the job she has, because she can take on her expenses, and in the future she intends to continue studying and hopefully be able to go to higher education because with the salary she can afford to pay tuition. college.
In relation to the course, she enjoys the work she is doing because in addition to the many advantages she has, she has greatly improved her hotel skills and abilities, and may one day pass on this knowledge to other people in this area. In the future, he intends to create an income generating activity in which he will be able to create a group of waiters to serve in various events held in his neighborhood and at Maputo city level.

Thank you for the opportunity given by Asscodecha to take the course and are happy with the job you have, because it has improved your life and your family.