Adelia Armando Fabião’s Life Story

Adélia Armando Fabião, 37 years old, cutting-edge student, born in Inhambane. He has lived in the Xipamanine neighborhood for over 15 years, studied until the 5th grade and had no opportunity to continue his studies for various reasons.
She has four children and is married. Before joining the course, she had a business selling fruit, bread and charcoal for her living and her family.
She learned of the opportunity for training at Asscodecha through her husband, who encouraged her so that she could move to enroll in the course. As such, it participated in the entire selection process. She was selected for the sewing course and did the course with all self-esteem, motivation and determination for 4 months. It had a good use in terms of articles that were produced during the training (blouses, skirts, dresses, shirts, apron, among others).
In her view, she is not sorry because she wants to learn more and expand her services to develop an income-generating activity in which the main objective is to improve the life of her family.
However, according to ours, a lot has changed in your life because the course has given you an entrepreneurial vision. She intends to make this activity a personal job that brings her benefits and recognition in this area.
In her future vision there is a dream within her to realize transforming the current house into a fashion boutique, because she wants to provide services to the Chamanculo community, added, reference in the area of ​​cutting and fashion applying and professionalizing in this area.
In his view, he encourages the Asscodecha organization to continue this fine work of helping the most deprived and vulnerable people. He also says that the methodology used for the selection is still giving more dynamics in the formation of young people, leaving out the discrimination of people without school level for the training. You are happy to have embraced this course and thank you for your support. Nowadays, she contributes to her household expenses.